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Canvas sandwich bags…say good-bye to Ziploc plastic!

We discovered canvas sandwich bags at Green Alternatives, the fabulous little green shop at the Five Points Community Farm Market in Norfolk, VA. No more need for plastic Ziploc bags!


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Leftover love from Random Charlotte

Today I have a guest post from Random Charlotte, a lover of the environment stationed in the lovely Carolinas! Her blog focuses on how small acts can make a big difference using a humorous, light-hearted spin. Check out her site to learn about environmentally friendly cleaning products, reducing junk mail and fuel usage, the benefits of researching before purchasing, and other earth lovin’ ideas! Her article about leftovers as featured in July’s edition of Planetsave:

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Other green blogs!

I find both these environmental blog sites helpful, informative, and inspiring. Maybe you will too! I just had to share them with you! Take a look!

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Another military move….for the compost bin.

So, we’re leaving Norfolk. Time is getting shorter. When I first arrived, time drug like a kid refusing to take a bath. Now, stuck on the fast forward button, I can’t believe the move is already here.

We’ve started packing the electronics, making our last medical appointments, trying to clean out the fridge. We broke down the compost bin. 😦

We made that!

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