Compost gold mine!

So, there is this huge pile of sticks and leaves in the back yard. I have no idea how long it’s been there. Years? It’s right along the edge of the woods. While Mr. Wonderful mowed the grass, I broke up sticks so we could create a fire and placed the leaves in the diaper compost. Lo and behold, look what we found!


How else does one do yard work when the baby won’t nap?


Check out that pile. Will we ever get through it?


Beneath all this debris is a beautiful layer of homemade compost. Thank you former owner of this house!


We tried to make food over the hot coals. Didn’t quite cook through, but…

It was a productive day.

How are those gardens coming along with my winner readers? How are the compost piles/bins humming this summer?

IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4284


4 responses to “Compost gold mine!

  1. i can smell your humus from here, earthy and rich, friable and finger to make your plants happy must be your next title..mine is less fertile as it is relatively new and “in situ”..i brake each and every twig above the existing mulch and let the centipedes, millipedes, and sow bugs do the rest..rain and sun brake it down for the nematodes and bacteria to refine it for my imported worms, i scour the local street culvert outlets where wrigglers and night crawler earthworms abound along with fine sand and leaf mold. perfect medium for the deep mulch that i build up around perennials and berry bushes..ok, now back to work, painting lattice porch support for concord grapes to shade us in time for THE heat..happy composting my friends.

  2. Finally got a chance to work out in the yard. Compost from last year is ready to spread on the garden. I’m just going to plant winter squash mixes. No time for summer garden- the weather is not warm enough. And besides It’s good motorcycle riding weather. Thanks for the pics of Emma- She is so beautiful. Hope Donna really enjoys being with you all. And thank her for the Birthday call- I was out on the motorcycle 200 mile ride with American Legion Riders Post 274 to Lewiston. FUN FUN FUN

  3. there is nothing better for a garden than compost.

  4. @Nadine—your words are so beautiful, they should be in a book! I love reading your comments. Your advice and lovely words always bring peace to my soul!!
    @Jackie–Too much fun on that motorcycle, huh? Be careful out there! I will thank her for the birthday call. (Guess who reminded her 3 times that day? I was also singing back up on the song!) 🙂
    Thank you for reading!
    @Pat–I appreciate you reading and taking out time to comment.

    And to Aunt Jackie and Aunt Pat—it was so good to see you both at the reunion!

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