What I found in the yard

While out gardening during Memorial Day weekend, I discovered new flowers and even more new flowers. The woman who owned the house before us was a true lover of flowers. I’ve never seen so many different kinds. A different bunch seem to bloom weekly. I don’t even know their names.

Here are some of the flowers I found just weeks ago– along with this bird feeder.



Tiny, white fairy bells. Why aren’t they called that?


Bleeding hearts. Are they toxic?


Is this a weed? It’s so pretty!

Trees we received on Earth Day. The sugar maple orginally lacked leaves. They sprouted in a week! The other little guy, not doing so great.

Trees we received on Earth Day. The sugar maple originally lacked leaves. They sprouted in a week! The other little guy, not doing so great.


What are your favorite flowers during spring and summer? What have you planted this year? Which flowers would you like to plant?


3 responses to “What I found in the yard

  1. I notice too you have beautiful bits of ground cover filling the cracks along the wall….so much nicer than weeds!! I know a vegetable garden is one you are familiar with but my goodness you will love the changing landscape with all those beautiful perennials your previous owner had the foresight to plant.

  2. top pic
    violets: heart shaped leaves and purple blooms are excellent source of vit C and eyesight support–roots toxic.
    dandelions: omelette and salad standby..liver and kidney detox, mineral and vitamin super nutrition.
    succulent with yellow blooms: fine for blisters, cuts and bruises.

    second pic.
    lilly of the valley: indeed toxic as are most waxy blooming spring bulbs and tuberose roots..

    third pic
    bleeding hearts: another example of toxic wax bloom.

    columbine: ok, this one is also toxic, a heart stimulant, wild and delicate, it propagates by seed and perennial roots, sign of excellent soil, on the acid side.
    so you have good dirt and proper exposure for all sorts of veges, just don’t make tea out of the flowers, they present no risk as live plants as they are far too bitter to be ingested by humans or finicky rabbits..the only plant which appeals to deer and bunnies is the clover in first photo, this type is great as tea for vein health..(mellilotus) happy gardening up there..never give up on poor looking plants, they may have a different clock to rejuvenate.

    • Nadine, thank you so much for identifying all those for me. It would have taken me forever to look all those up! And some I can even eat!!
      Anut Pat–I think you’re right. Every time I look around there is something new. It’s a bit of a surprise every year. “Oh, I forgot we had those!”
      Fun! Fun!
      Nadine, I cannot wait to sit down and go through everything and see what I can cook with….hmmmmm.

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