Blast it! I forgot my bag!

This has happened to us all….now, hasn’t it? The question is: What do you do?

Most folks will give in and take a bag, swearing to themselves they’ll remember next time. And I’ve been known to do that. But I’ve been better known to walk out of the store with cucumbers cradled beneath my armpits, and all the other products stacked up, balancing tomatoes against my chin. I’m determined, damn it. The system is not going to beat me.

I mean, seriously?

Besides, I always think of Mrs. Green’s post where she says “I can carry it out.” She shows various pictures in front of various stores where she only purchased one item, and lo and behold, she carried it out in her very own hands, sans bag. I  also found this one of where her husband forgot his bag and created one from what he wore. Genius. I love those posts. I think about them every time I see someone leave a store with one item in a bag. I wish I had my computer so I could say, “Have you seen this woman? Have you read about her family? Doesn’t she have a point?”

So, a few months ago, I didn’t even bring my mesh bags because I had no intention of getting produce at the commissary. I would pick up what I needed on the way home at the market so the bag waited in the car.

Oh, but then I saw the green grapes. No one sold green grapes at any market around our house and just thinking about them, all sour and sweet made my mouth water. I glanced them over and they called to me…..hmmmm.  What if I just took two clusters? And then I saw the broccoli. Broccoli wasn’t in season at the moment but the doctor said I was low on iron and broccoli would be perfect. So I picked up a crown and placed the grapes and broccoli on top of the product at the bottom of my basket.

When I arrived at the self-check-out, I placed them directly on the glass scale that you scan your food over. Eeeewww. Really? It didn’t bother me a lick. The more germs I’m exposed to, the stronger my immune system is–has always been my philosophy. Of course, that might explain my limp from the parasites  bestowed upon me from eating food at a truck stop in the Amazon. Ah, but that’s a story for another day. But really, why do we need to put the produce in plastic just to carry it home? Don’t you wash them once you’re home anyway before you eat them? Isn’t that what soap and water is for?

Once I arrived home, I washed them under the sink in cold water, rinsing them around.

And then I ate them.


And guess what? I’m not dead yet….and I didn’t use one of those wretched plastic bags.

I won.


9 responses to “Blast it! I forgot my bag!

  1. I ALWAYS DO THIS! UGHH! It’s so annoying. I have some many awesome reusable bags, and mesh produce bags and I always always forget them. If I put them in the car, then I use them, bring them in the house and forget to put them back in the car. I need like hypnosis therapy to train myself to just do it. Good on you for not using a plastic bag! When I totally space out, I just throw all the stuff and have them put everything in paper bags and the check out. I feel a little better, but still like a total slacker.

  2. haha! my soul sister for sure. Well done you. The number of horrified looks I get when I take naked produce to the checkout is amazing. And yep, we’re still alive too 😉

  3. There is a box that lives in the van. When I forget my bags, and have too much to carry with my two hands, I just put everything back into the cart, roll it out through the parking lot, unload it all (heavy at the bottom, produce at the top) into the box, and roll my cart — and usually 2-3 others while I’m at it — back into the store. I keep my receipt in hand in case I’m checked, which happens occasionally, but rarely at those places where I’m a regular.

    I also don’t care to put all my produce (and that’s all I buy) in bags first, unless I have a real load of roly poly ones (apples) to lessen frustration at the self-checkout line. All pre-handled produce gets washed thoroughly before we eat it.

    Perhaps a lightweight fabric (pantyhose) in your purse for stuffing and carrying small items. It expands well, and You can even knot it at the top to keep rogue grapes from escaping!

  4. Beautiful ideas as usual, Shannon! Thanks for sharing! You rock!

  5. @Hailey – but you’re aware and you try. Paper bags can be reused, composted or recycled Easier then the plastic bags. Good on you.
    @Mrs. Green–I learned from the best. YOU. I love those posts you wrote and think of them every time I go to the store.

  6. I admire the strength of your principles. Good for you!

  7. for a few years, i received puzzled looks from shoppers and clerks in our one grocery store small town, now, i reap loads of smiles and only rare weird grimaces–and the best part is that some have assimilated my original behavior to the point of believing that they like to save on bags, there is a two year lag between belief and action, so many are in the interim stages of bag-saving..
    the hard core “plastickers” justify their carelessness by saying they need those handy plastic bags for all the nifty home uses (yes,i agree) but once a checker stopped me and reprimanded me for forgetting my re-usable bags, then she grinned half heartedly..ok, i did re-use those bags too..we walk a long ways to go shopping..

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