Please remove me from your list

Junk mail, junk mail.
This is what I do when I get those annoying credit card applications!


I open them up and circle my name with a black magic marker. Then I write on it, “Please remove me from your list. Thank you.” Sometimes I just say, “Please remove.” Because who has time to write –me from your list, right?

I stuff everything back in their reply envelope, including all the little pieces of paper and the original envelope. Sometimes it’s so full, I have to use a tiny piece of tape. Darn it.

Some take me off their list. Others send me another application a few months later. That’s okay, I can play that game. I do it again.

Granted, I could always call and ask them to stop, but I have family that works at the U.S. Post Office, and everyone knows it’s not going to be around much longer. I’m trying to give them business as long as I can. And why should I spend my day time minutes on hold to ask someone to stop sending me something I didn’t ask for in the first place?

Besides, I’m not the one paying for that mail.

The credit card company pays.


6 responses to “Please remove me from your list

  1. Had the same problem with junk mail. For a proactive solution, you can cut down most of it by opting out of the direct mail association. Check out the links on this blog post for this and other sites to use to cut your junk mail down.

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  2. Good idea – so far, as long as it doesnt have personal info, mine goes in the recycling. Otherwise it gets shredded and recycled.

  3. Ugh, I can’t stand junk mail. I just got 4 catalogs in one day from the same company that I didn’t request or care to have. My recycle bin is loaded with junk mail. 😦

  4. You are so my girl! I used to do this too. So satisfying!! When I started getting even MORE crap in the box, I wondered if my address was targeted by some insidious campaign to waste more paper. I had to get meaner.

    I got a lot of crap removed from the mailbox with Works for everything but political and local adverts (which only come as cheaply sent single-card design, recycled) and circulars (composted). It’s like that phone Opt-out except for mail. And now, there are even days when the mailman drives right by my house, nothing to deliver.

    Don’t forget about all the energy that went into making those nice pre-printed envelopes, never to be used. I save what I can instead of tossing, simply put a label over the offending return address, stamp it, and write in my recipient’s instead. Sometimes my girls will even add some girlie flair with markers. Voila. Homemade and recycled.

  5. I am so going to do this Shannon & TJ!! Thanks for the info!
    Heidi & Cindy–Always makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one!

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