Eating local

My friend Ann at the local farmer’s market in south GA always states the only difference between the tomato you buy at the grocery store and the one she’s selling you at the market (picked from her back yard that morning) is 2,000 miles. The taste is the real difference. I couldn’t believe how much better everything tasted when we started growing our own food and buying at the market while in GA.

When we visited the farmer’s market in Fernandina Beach, Florida, shortly after arriving in south GA, we passed a man wearing funny glasses (to catch our attention) on the side of the road along Hwy 40. It worked!


He sold fresh shrimp he’d caught off the coast of Amelia Island at five pounds for $20.

Along with corn on the cob we scored at the market, we sat down to a fresh, local, little  meal. I fondly remember steaming corn, crisp shrimp, homemade cock tail sauce and cold beer on a warm summer night laughing on the back porch before life grew busy with baby.

Here’s to local cuisine in northern Florida! Ya’ll know how to do it right! We shall miss the local food. I’ll share some here that we had the pleasure of devouring our year and a half in south Georgia.

Looking forward to finding new local food in Wisconsin–like different types of CHEESE! 😀

IMG_9394 IMG_9421

Farm eggs, and fruit off the  back yard trees.

Farm eggs, and fruit off the back yard trees.

 Vidalia onion pie Pumpkin bread Florida mango

Vidalia onion pie
Pumpkin bread
Florida mango

Tomatoes we grew

Tomatoes we grew

 Salad greens from the garden.

Salad greens from the garden.

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6 responses to “Eating local

  1. Yummmmo!

  2. Yum! I’d love to be able to buy shrimp locally. We do manage to buy most of our food locally, but a beautiful shrimp feast like that would have to be a concession to transported food for us.

  3. You’re making me yearn for my home of 30 years. I loved buying shrimp from the local carts on the side of the road. Best shrimp anywhere.

  4. @Heidi–I think about your local food buying, like the fruit trees all the time. If I could figure out how to get a job up there, I’d move to your town!! 🙂

    @P.C. Zick—that Florida shrimp will get you every time! 🙂

  5. @Michelle—you know it!

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