Mother’s milk tea

Of all the teas I’ve ever chugged, this is the only one I’ve found in compostable paper!


It also comes in a 100% recycled box and claims to use solar and wind power to provide electricity for their company. I am highly impressed. These are fantastic, but unless you’re interested in lactating, I can’t imagine too many folks would drink it. It tastes like licorice.

Why aren’t more tea bags sold in paper rather than those darn foil wrappers you can’t do anything with?



9 responses to “Mother’s milk tea

  1. thank you again for providing us with great links and useful info. i had not read ms whiplash in awhile so will visit her new space.

  2. Nadine, every time I read your comments I feel like I’ve just been hugged. Or shared a cup of steaming tea over a wooden table in the sun with a good friend. You always make my spirit shine.

  3. I remember drinking something that tasted like licorice too – it wasn’t my favourite, but I guess I thought it was worth a try. Hope all continues to go well with you.

  4. Jackie Lyons

    Glad to hear you are a tea lover, I couldn’t make it without my herbal teas- I found a book call the Herbal Tea Garden.. Will put some recipes on my blog soon. Maybe you will join the grow your own tea movement.. LOL

  5. @Jackie—grow your own tea sounds fun! Give me the name of your blog again!!

    @ Heidi—I have been thinking of your family all this week. I hope things are better for all of you ever day.

  6. The think that i don’t like abour organic is the pricey..
    even the taste is much more better for my licking

  7. That was also the only teabag in the tea bag planting experiment that sprouted a seedling. I should probably update that. LOL

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