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Eating local

My friend Ann at the local farmer’s market in south GA always states the only difference between the tomato you buy at the grocery store and the one she’s selling you at the market (picked from her back yard that morning) is 2,000 miles. The taste is the real difference. I couldn’t believe how much better everything tasted when we started growing our own food and buying at the market while in GA.

When we visited the farmer’s market in Fernandina Beach, Florida, shortly after arriving in south GA, we passed a man wearing funny glasses (to catch our attention) on the side of the road along Hwy 40. It worked!


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Oranges and grapefruit in the backyard!

Lucky, lucky us, we rented a house with orange, grapefruit, pear, and kumquat trees! I picked as many as I could reach. We pulled out the ladder and my husband harvested the tall ones. So many left….so high up! How are we going to reach them?

Ohh. I could open my own store!

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