Hello Wisconsin!

(That would be said in Ashton Kutcher’s voice from That 70’s Show. He says it at the end of the song. I hear it every time I look out the window.)


The day we arrived, guess what we got to see?


Since then the snow has melted but what a heart-lifter.

Population: 5,000
1 stop light.
1 grocery store.
Surrounded by dairy farms.

And snow, snow, snow!

When I checked out at the grocery store, the young man who bagged my groceries was so friendly, I thought he might jump right in my bag. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. It was too cute.

As I left the store, I whispered to myself, “I think I’m gonna like it here.”

And somebody gets to try out all those tiny winter clothes sent from cousin Mary! (A big thank you to Mary for adding to her fashion cuteness!)



10 responses to “Hello Wisconsin!

  1. Best wishes in your new home. It’s quite a switch from Jacksonville, isn’t it?

  2. So glad you guys are getting settled in and things are looking up for you. Love you girl. X0, ❤

  3. Glad you made it. “…jump right in my bag” made me laugh. Can’t wait to hear of new adventures of waste reduction in a town of 5000. She’s getting big!

  4. Michelle Wood

    Wisconsin!! BURR!!! I hope you are settling in. Emma is getting big and look at all that hair!!! Reid is jealous.

  5. Here’s to small towns and their charm! Good luck on your new adventure!

  6. Emma is precious. This was my first look and she is going to be a heart breaker! Sounds like you are getting settled. So glad you are happy.

  7. @P.C.Zick–you can say that again! 🙂

    @Hope—thank you for your kind words!

    @Shannon–I appreciate the encouragement. You’re so sweet!

    @Michelle—I still need to sit down and write you!! Tell Reid I didn’t have any hair until I was 4. I don’t know where all that hair came from! Not me!

    @Libby—Cheers! So very true! You taught me that.

    @Aunt Pat—thanks for reading. You made my day. 🙂

  8. of course, you are irresistible and so is your adorable little one and the big one too, you will add luminosity to that one stop light in town with all those smiles.
    i am right there with you at every blog post, enjoy your cable while it lasts..

  9. The bagger was so friendly at the grocery that you thought he might jump right in your grocery bag made me laugh too…with 5000 population at least you won’t have any problems getting around and you’ll always be on time…well, maybe

  10. Oh, Nadine. You make me smile. 🙂

    @Donna–yay to no traffic. Yeah, let’s see if I can be on time now. So far, so good.

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