Take a minute…

You deserve to take a deep breath of fresh, fall air.
Look out your window.



Appreciate what you have.  Hug those you love.
Life is too short.
Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!



4 responses to “Take a minute…

  1. wonderful pictures…the old saying stop and smell the roses! I say stop…look out the window then look all around….it’s really a wonderful world.

  2. A perfect thought for the remembrance of this week 12 years ago. Thank you.

  3. Why is it that I love the rainy day windows the best? Thanks for your perspective. I could use a bit of it right now.

  4. This year, I’ve done much better at enjoying the outdoors, nature, just sitting on my porch swing looking at the trees, birds, flowers, grass, feeling the breeze. I want to soak it all up cause come winter, I want to know that I didn’t waste all that good weather goodness. No regrets.

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