Just a reminder about Earth Hour…

Tonight– March 31st is Earth hour. Will you participate?

From 8:30-9:30 PM (U.S. Eastern time)–businesses, restaurants and residential homes around the world will shut off the lights (and use candles instead)  for one hour in a symbolic gesture to support energy conservation.  Spread the word! But the important thing is of course to “Go beyond the hour” and get into the habit of shutting off lights when you aren’t using them anyway.
Have a wonderful evening in the dark!


4 responses to “Just a reminder about Earth Hour…

  1. Many people will make a gesture and join the fad by switching off but continue to live in their normal fashion the rest of the time ( a bit like Easter and Christmas Christians) rather than changing their habits.
    Earth Hour is a marketing ploy. Supported by the manufacturers of candles?

  2. Pompuss–you make very good points, indeed!

  3. Well, as long as you keep reminding us, we will try to do our part. Thanks Jennifer!

    • Marcia, before I moved here, I’d never heard of it. Our entire town participated this year. I thought that was a pretty good little statement they made. Considering we didn’t even have recycling 6 years ago, this little town has come a long way!

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