Every day is another chance to make a difference

No matter how beat down I get in this fight for the environment (and I am losing BIG TIME in the streets of Miami–we are number one in trash production in the entire state of Florida), I will not give up.


I cannot give up.

Because of her.

Because of the kids that live on my street.
Because of your kids.
Because of my friend who says to me, “Why do you make life hard on yourself using cloth diapers?”
And her kids too.


7 responses to “Every day is another chance to make a difference

  1. I love this post, Jennifer. You are an inspiration to so many, and we are here for you to give you the support you need, and the extra oomph (yes, it’s a word) to get it done, and to see it through. Do you know that from the moment you commented for the first time on my blog and told me you and your husband were “going cloth” (diapers) I could see you were a person who cared deeply about the environment. And that comment made me believe that I made a difference in a person’s belief in a product. You give real meaning to’ attempting zero waste’ and this is why I follow your blog. Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do for all of us. The list goes on, as I didn’t even mention your delectable recipes, but I have to give others an opportunity to speak to you. Many thanks.

    • Carlinste–I cannot thank you enough for this comment. Today your encouragement made me push through. You are truly amazing. I appreciate your every word.

      • Jennifer, You are welcome, and thanks but you are the amazing one. I’m just ordinary me.YOU are leaving a great legacy in working tirelessly to saving our planet. If I encouraged you, I’m glad. Happy to help. Just keep doing all you do. Your little darling might just do the very same thing when she’s older. Hugs

  2. keep up the good work Jen!

  3. She looks so sweet. Who wouldn’t want a better world for her to grow up in

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