Guest post by Alison Amazed

I have a guest post coming out tomorrow!

Alison–artist, writer, performer, poet, cook. I’m sure there are other words to describe this fascinating woman, but these are the ones I know. I met Alison online when she gave me a ping back on my Lentil soup gone wrong recipe from my crock pot blog. Alison was writing an A-Z  food challenge in which she posted about food starting with each letter of the alphabet. Tons of research went into her food challenge, and I learned “amazing” amounts about food and vegetables. She even asked if I’d guest post on the letter Y.

Alison grew up in Canada but has lived internationally most of her life. Explaining to me how Canadians and the English often remove the packaging from products and leave it directly in the store rather than take it home, I asked if she could elaborate. She took the time to write an entire recycling post about many of the countries she’s  lived in. I’ll post it tomorrow!

Take a look at Alison’s colorful artsy blog where she inspires with her recipes, art, poetry, writing, and information about local festivals and performances, among other brilliant ideas at Alison Amazed. She also has clips of her musical performances on her blog Alison Boston, or her older archives at

3 responses to “Guest post by Alison Amazed

  1. Thanks for the great intro Jenn! Though taking the packaging off products before I take them home is NOT a Canadian or English thing, it’s MY thing. I do that to make more room in my carry bags because I use a bicycle for transportation – and if I don’t need that box at home, why bother letting it take up all that space in my carry bag?

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  3. Oh! LOL! That’s so funny because you’re the third person in the U.K. that’s told me they do that. (Maybe they watched you and picked it up!) Even a girl in New York said she did it which surprised me because I’d never seen anyone do it over here. She said the store gave her such a hard time about it, she complained to the manager, who not only apologized, but gave her a free reusable bag!

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