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Bulk finds from Costco

We all know buying in bulk is cheaper and better for the environment, but I keep hearing about the “right type of bulk” vs the “wrong.”

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Non-packaged soap! Whoo-hoo!

Look what I found! Score!

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My first trip to Whole Foods

A few months ago, we had our first Whole Foods experience. I steeled myself for the prices. After all, it’s nick name is “Whole paycheck,” isn’t it?

Reusing candle jars. The seal keeps the goods longer than the marinara and sauerkraut jars I’ve tried.

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12 zero waste ideas working so far!

I haven’t put trash out in almost two months. As requested by Mary Ann who asked, “But don’t you have one single post showing how you’ve done that?” Twelve things that are working to keep the trash out of the bin (and therefore the landfill) since we started this blog:

Every day is a new journey, and another chance...

Buying in Bulk

Bulk seems to be the way to go to get away from all this packaging. And I’m not talking about bulk foods that sell larger boxes or 5 boxes of cereal packaged together, wound up with plastic cellophane either. We visited a BJ’s Wholesale Club, and that’s all they offered.

This is what I'm talking about!

I’m looking for bulk in bins that I can scoop out into a mesh or cloth bag and take home with me = absolutely no packaging. Apparently, in Canada bulk foods are the norm. It hasn’t yet reached America. WHY ARE WE SO BEHIND IN THIS? Somebody,  please, enlighten me.

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Packaged food

Packaged food

I’m most surprised by how much packaging we use, especially with food. We compost almost all food waste and paper. We recycle everything else, but the small amount of trash we generate is plastic from packaged foods that cannot be recycled. Not in this area, anyway.

Trash for the week....granola wrapper, cereal liner, dental floss case, bacon packaging

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