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Ouch! How we lose water!

I cheated and took a picture of this. Hope I haven’t shown it to you already. It was in our water bill last year and I found it so surprising! G.P.M. stands for gallons per minute. G.A.M. stands for gallons a month. I just like stats and thought you all might find it interesting.


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Ways to save on your water bill

This comes straight off the Georgia Department of Community Affairs poster where I used to pay my water bill at City Hall:

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Turn off the water

I owe learning this lesson to my sister.

We saw pelicans, terns, seagulls, short-billed dowitcher, and sand fleas! But no dolphins.

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Take the 40 Gallon Challenge

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension of Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences & Family and Consumer Sciences have put out the 40 Gallon Challenge to save water. Check it out at www.40GallonChallenge.org

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