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Green things we did while sort of homeless #3

3. Without the proper dishes to make food, we used what we had. My favorite thing to do.

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Baby products you don’t really need

As I’ve discussed before in OMG Baby Consignment, baby “necessities” are a huge consumer market. And if you don’t have the money? Or if you’re just not buying into it, then what do you have?

Imagination and make-shift resources! This is something I LOVE doing–figuring out how creative I can be by doing without or better yet, making do with what I have (like in my make-shift bed post). Check out my baby changing station!

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Samantha’s Story: Part 2

(Continued from Samantha’s Story: Part One) After discovering her family of three spent $933.51 last month on food–groceries and eating out– Samantha decided to see how little she could buy for a month.
Week Two Update…including two creative recipes she invented.

$37 worth of produce from Farm Fresh on Charlie Smith Hwy, St. Marys, GA