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Eco steps of a local wine and coffee shop

The Blue Goose Wine and Coffee Shoppe is an expensive, eco-friendly, quaint shoppe I found while we resided south with the snow birds. What a pleasant surprise to find how many environmentally friendly and creative, non-wasteful ways they came up with to serve and decorate.

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Oprah’s Lovetown, USA

If any of you have caught Oprah’s latest on her network, she’s doing a series on Love, and the town over from us is┬áthe star. However, most of the filming has taken place right here….

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Small town Mardi Gras shame

A rockin’ Mardi Gras festival where people refuse to recycle…

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The results are in!

Just thought I’d share the final numbers for the e-scrap recycling drive…

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Electronic recycling heads up!

What do you do with your electronics when they lie sputtered and spent? What can you do with them? And all that paper the city won’t recycle?

It’s the NEW year! Get rid of some stuff without throwing it in the trash can.

The environmental group ‘EarthKeepers’ sponsored an e-scrap recycling event last year in downtown St. Marys, GA. Guess how much they collected?

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