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Chopping onions in the bathroom

Due to my obsession with the crock pot, we have been able to eat fairly well since we moved into the hotel. Note I said fairly. 🙂


A lot of bread. A lot of frozen microwave meals. A lot of Ramen noodles. And most certainly, nowhere near the zero waste I can pull off at home. But without a kitchen, I think we’ve done fantastic by not eating out but once a week. So far I have cooked in the crock pot:

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12 zero waste ideas working so far!

I haven’t put trash out in almost two months. As requested by Mary Ann who asked, “But don’t you have one single post showing how you’ve done that?” Twelve things that are working to keep the trash out of the bin (and therefore the landfill) since we started this blog:

Every day is a new journey, and another chance...

First harvest!

Guess where we’ve been this weekend?

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