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8 green ideas for baby working so far

I thought the baby would add all sorts of environmental things to write about. Not so. She’s made relatively little difference in our green lifestyle.

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The little white sweater

I’m all about second-hand clothes. It takes much more resources of every kind to make something  new. Like Jody from Thrift Shopping Buzz, I always discover amazing finds without having to spend a fortune. When I worked in D.C. on the hill, I bought all my clothes from a consignment shop near Eastern Market. When I lived in Alaska, I worked at a Goodwill type store called Value Village—(my ALL-TIME favorite job, besides packing fish eggs in an Alaskan cannery.)  Most of the clothes I wear now are from Value Village I bought back in 2001. My jeans finally wore through the knee and I ripped them last week while putting them on. Bummer. Guess I won’t be wearing these to dinner.


Ahhh, but I digress. This post is about a tiny, crocheted sweater. Honest it is.

white sweater 2

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