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Crafty art ideas for reusing items

I found these at the Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk, VA.

And Amelia at the Green Alternatives store in Norfolk, VA. found a new use for an old window. (Which she displayed beautifully in her store near the cash register.)

Cloth glued on glass panes of an old window.

Beer bottle cap ideas sent in by readers:

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Raisin waste

I purchased the little raisin packages for my husband’s lunch but once they were empty, I thought—what a waste to just throw them away.


And so….

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What to do with the salt can?

I ended up recycling it, but the next time I run out of salt, any ideas of what I could do with this?
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Poopin’ n’ Peein’, Peein’ n’ Poopin’

It is amazing what life has boiled down to the last couple months. There is no life outside my living room.

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Homemade grill from a propane tank!

My husband’s co-workers created this grill in a matter of weeks after work and on their lunch breaks from a PROPANE TANK determined to get it accomplished in time for the picnic last fall.

And they did…

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Reusing plastic garbage bags

Last year we transported the homemade compost in my trunk from Norfolk, VA to Yulee, FL in order not to waste what we’d worked so hard to make and in order to use the homemade compost in our new garden.

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Ziploc bags

I haven’t bought Ziploc bags since 2008.  Know why?

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First harvest!

Guess where we’ve been this weekend?

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My little green wedding

I feel I beat the system on this one and snubbed conventional tradition. (Which I just love to do. My man, not so much.) I was never a girl who dreamed of a big wedding, as a child, as a teenager, or as an adult. I never thought much about a wedding, mostly because I never wanted to get married. In my mind, marriage was style cramping, freedom crushing and just plain boring. When I met people, especially young people who told me they were married, I felt sad. It took all I had not to reach out and hug them and say, “I’m so sorry.”

Then I met HIM. Well, you know how that story goes.
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Switching from Kleenex to handkerchiefs

If the word snot offends you, don’t even bother reading…

I saw a Kleenex commercial the other day about disposable hand towels. It claimed to “keep your family clean.” My husband and I looked at each other.

“Are you kidding me?” I squealed.
“That’s the most wasteful thing I’ve ever seen. What is wrong with us?” he chimed in.

And yet, I used toilet paper to blow my nose. Well, no more. After seeing the Today Show’s clip about Bea Johnson’s zero waste family switching to handkerchiefs, I thought, why not? My grandparents used them. When did we switch over from handkerchiefs being the norm to being “gross.” Why is it gross?

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