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What’s for breakfast?

If we’re refusing packaged cereal, and bulk cereal is too expensive, what else can we eat for breakfast?

Made from scratch, obviously. They don’t look too “perfect” now do they?! ha! I always put in too many blueberries and they explode and make a mess. I love it. My husband, not so keen.


Shaving with Olive Oil

Hello everyone.  This is Jennifer’s husband.  She’s feeling a bit under the weather, so I thought I’d take over today and “guest” post for her.  I thought I’d write about something that I’ve done to reduce waste and be a little greener in my everyday life. Continue reading

Holiday wrapping paper

I overheard a conversation this month:

“We need to go buy wrapping paper tomorrow.”
“Wrapping paper. Why?”
“Uh, because you’re going to wrap my presents before you give them to me, that’s why.”

Which got my little green mind to thinking….why do presents have to be wrapped in wrapping paper? Because of tradition? Because that’s what we remember as kids? Because that’s what’s expected or what we’ve always done? My husband  says, “Why do they have to be wrapped at all?”

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My little green wedding

I feel I beat the system on this one and snubbed conventional tradition. (Which I just love to do. My man, not so much.) I was never a girl who dreamed of a big wedding, as a child, as a teenager, or as an adult. I never thought much about a wedding, mostly because I never wanted to get married. In my mind, marriage was style cramping, freedom crushing and just plain boring. When I met people, especially young people who told me they were married, I felt sad. It took all I had not to reach out and hug them and say, “I’m so sorry.”

Then I met HIM. Well, you know how that story goes.
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