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Jackpot! Where to recycle plastic #5

The town we live in has been recycling for six or seven years now because a marvelous Canadian swooped in and shook her head in shock. What started out as a discussion in a local pub turned into petitions, and it took a march on City Hall to turn things around. But it was worth it.

They do not, however, recycle everything….

The city won’t recycle them…..now what?

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The toothbrush outcome

So, I tried the Preserve toothbrush made of recycled yogurt cups…

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Switching toothbrushes and floss

The only toothbrushes we’ve found that are 100% compostable are sold in Canada. Well, if we have to have it shipped from another country, how are we reducing our carbon footprint?

So, we decided to buy what’s offered locally. We’ve switched brands of dental floss and I’m trying out a Preserve toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups. (They also sell recyclable razors and tongue cleaners.) The toothbrush works the same as any other toothbrush I’ve ever owned.

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Norfolk, VA Farmer’s Market

We hadn’t been to the Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk for a full year. Realizing that not every town has  a huge farmer’s market like the one I grew up with in south Georgia, I decided to revisit it with a fresh attitude and stop being prejudiced against small, overpriced markets that are doing the best they can. After venting in the organic food post about what Norfolk didn’t have, I decided to write about what they do have.

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