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“It’s like Wal-Mart or Target set afloat.”–Eriksen

My mother shared an article with me by Will Dunham from the Sun Sentinel published Thursday, December 18, 2014.

I wanted to pass the article on.
Made me blink twice.

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Plastic never goes away…

We hear so much about a plastic free lifestyle for a reason…
This video puts it all in perspective.
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Don’t suffocate your produce in plastic

Use mesh bags instead! Either the kind you normally use for laundry delicates or produce mesh bags specifically tailored for produce. I love mine. Great gifts too for a gentle nudge.
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Bulk finds from Costco

We all know buying in bulk is cheaper and better for the environment, but I keep hearing about the “right type of bulk” vs the “wrong.”

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Giving up the stars!

In my cookbooks, I use a three star system.

1= I won’t bother making it again.
2= It was all right. Might make again.
3= equivalent to a 5 star. Delicious and will have again.

But who says I have to use stickers?

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Jackpot! Where to recycle plastic #5

The town we live in has been recycling for six or seven years now because a marvelous Canadian swooped in and shook her head in shock. What started out as a discussion in a local pub turned into petitions, and it took a march on City Hall to turn things around. But it was worth it.

They do not, however, recycle everything….

The city won’t recycle them…..now what?

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Recycling Tops

From the research I’ve done, I’ve found the cities we’ve lived in will not recycle tops, period.
So, what to do with all these tops?

Been collecting for a while...

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Packaged food

Packaged food

I’m most surprised by how much packaging we use, especially with food. We compost almost all food waste and paper. We recycle everything else, but the small amount of trash we generate is plastic from packaged foods that cannot be recycled. Not in this area, anyway.

Trash for the week....granola wrapper, cereal liner, dental floss case, bacon packaging

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