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Williamsburg, VA proves I was born in the wrong time

Cobblestone streets. Peanut butter soup. Shadowed dinner by candlelight. The clip-clop of horse hooves. Cobblers who fixed the same pair of shoes to last your lifetime. Fervent political parties. Homemade soap.  Wood burning stoves. What I wouldn’t do to have lived back then….


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Norfolk Botanical Gardens

I unplugged for a full week. No phone, no internet, no email. And it was….nice. So very nice. No one even noticed—except for Michelle, who thought I might be in the hospital. (Thanks Michelle!)

When things get too hectic, only one thing brings me relief. Nature. It helps us reconnect to priorities and life and pull back into perspective what’s most important.

Last year in Norfolk, my all-time favorite thing to do in the city was to use our annual pass at the Botanical Gardens. We visited as often as we could, and it was as close as I have even gotten to walking through peace. Wanted to share a little piece of peace with you…

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Another military move….for the compost bin.

So, we’re leaving Norfolk. Time is getting shorter. When I first arrived, time drug like a kid refusing to take a bath. Now, stuck on the fast forward button, I can’t believe the move is already here.

We’ve started packing the electronics, making our last medical appointments, trying to clean out the fridge. We broke down the compost bin. 😦

We made that!

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Buying Organic

Buying Organic

Honestly, I have a difficult time buying fruits that are twice as expensive just because it says “organic” on the labeling. Is it really organic? How do I know? Is it an investment in my health or a marketing ploy to get my money?

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