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New appreciation for moms

When I first had the baby and she was months old, the military wives threw me a sort of good-bye party as we left the last base. They all had children, three kids, four kids. As one scooted between table and chair, balancing a loaded plate in one hand, baby in the other, she said,”Oh, I remember those days. I said I’d never let my kid watch t.v., and I would make all her baby food organically from scratch.” All the women burst out laughing and I thought silently to myself, “I AM going to make all her baby food from scratch.” IMG_4223 Continue reading


Newest fashion

Just wanted to share my newest fashion with you.
It’s called spit-up. I wear it all the time now.


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Poopin’ n’ Peein’, Peein’ n’ Poopin’

It is amazing what life has boiled down to the last couple months. There is no life outside my living room.

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