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Brazilian avocado smoothies

Inspired by Chef Nor’s Avocado shake post from Food trip……by: Nors Vargas, I remembered the delicious concoction made for me in Brazil. So simple to make, and full of the “good fat,” Florida avocados are just as ripe and delicious as the ones I consumed in the Brazilian tropical climate. They are a beautiful vibrant green here and my hand automatically reaches for them at the farmer’s market.

“Are these from Florida?” I hear myself ask. The response is always yes.

Smooth as butter.

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Making your own food

Making your own food

What we recycle and how to reduce it.

Trying to rid ourselves of the glass jars and cans that we bring into the house, I’m attempting to make as much food as possible rather than purchase it. I’m now making my own peanut butter, bread, hummus, soups, juices, Greek yogurt, muffins, pesto, cappuccino, beans, nut mix, and salsa. I shall next attempt marinara sauce. If I could figure out how to make my own cheese, I would. I’d like to figure out how to make crackers! Besides cutting back on packaging, we’re getting less preservatives, sugar and other goop in our systems we don’t  need.

My man wants to learn how to brew his own beer. Think of the glass bottles we’d save! A friend of his gave us a tour of a self-brewery in his basement and showed us how it was done. The beer, however, hmmm…how could I say it in a nice way? It tasted like lukewarm yeast. But that was years ago. I’m sure he’s perfected it by now!
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