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No to cereal.

In order to shy away from cereal’s plastic packaging, here is a gander of breakfast ideas we’ve created so far…

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Mover Tom

The company that moved us finally came back and picked up their boxes! I just forgot to tell you about it!

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Harvesting fall veggies

We are producing so fast, we can’t eat all the food. Especially the mustard greens.   I’ve given away 7 bags of greens, plus the 3 we’ve eaten. Now, that’s some garden! Take a peek!

The curly-cue carrots.

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Pizza boxes in the compost!

We always recycled our pizza boxes. Then we heard the recycling center didn’t want them if they had pizza grease on them, so we could only recycle the top half.

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The mystery of the persimmons

Our persimmon tree in the backyard was full of persimmons about three weeks ago, right when they started changing from green to orange. Suddenly, they all mysteriously disappeared….

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Eating the seedlings!

Mama always told me to plant three of everything. That way, at least something would come up.

Oh yeah!

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A note from Valvoline

Shortly after I wrote my blog post about changing our own oil this weekend, I received an email from Valvoline…

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Mommy, where does the garbage go when it leaves our house?

(As promised and introduced yesterday in Guest Post by Alison Amazed–here’s Alison, blogger extraordinaire and a truly amazing individual. Be sure to stop by her blog and give it a look.)

By Alison Boston http://www.alisonamazed.wordpress.com

Jenn asked me to write a guest blog post on recycling and I shrugged my shoulders and thought: “What’s to say? Just do it.”

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Dryer sheets….do we really need them?

Dryer sheets? Do we even need a dryer? I grew up in a household where we never used dryer sheets and hung our clothes on a clothesline. My husband grew up using both.

He’s been a real champ when it comes to a lot of the things I do–like refusing to dry clothes in the dryer or demanding we use grey water to flush the toilet. (He also eats everything I cook!) Many men wouldn’t go along with my green ways. My man was green in other ways when I met him. He preferred to use the Metro in D.C. (which made me horribly nauseous) rather than drive and was the one who introduced me to the world of composting. So, I feel when we married, amateur environmentalism was born.

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Recycling in the south.

Unpacking, and moving in, we ran across all sorts of things to recycle. We switched to CFL lightbulbs, we used newspaper to wash the windows, I found going away gifts wrapped in white tissue paper, and we received lots of welcoming junk mail in our mailbox. We threw it all in. Even the cursed happy meal box I stopped to eat on the road. (No, I didn’t eat the box.)

So, when we went to pick up our recycling bin from the side of the road at the end of the day, what a surprise!

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