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Crafty art ideas for reusing items

I found these at the Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk, VA.

And Amelia at the Green Alternatives store in Norfolk, VA. found a new use for an old window. (Which she displayed beautifully in her store near the cash register.)

Cloth glued on glass panes of an old window.

Beer bottle cap ideas sent in by readers:

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Adding paper to the compost

We branched out from composting food scraps and organic matter. We started adding paper to the compost  about a year ago. My hubby thought if we shredded the heck out of it, it might compost faster. He was right!

Cross-cut shredded paper, almost pulp.

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Kudos to Starbucks…

I’m not one to pay $3 for a cup of coffee, and I know it’s not a “local” coffee shop,
but I have to give it to Starbucks when it comes to making an effort.

Starbucks bag.

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Reusing plastic garbage bags

Last year we transported the homemade compost in my trunk from Norfolk, VA to Yulee, FL in order not to waste what we’d worked so hard to make and in order to use the homemade compost in our new garden.

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