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8 green ideas for baby working so far

I thought the baby would add all sorts of environmental things to write about. Not so. She’s made relatively little difference in our green lifestyle.

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Drying clothes

Since we married, we’ve been drying clothes on the clothes rack. There are only two of us, if we had a bigger family, I’d insist on a clothesline. But this works just fine.

Sometimes I have to prop them up because the wind blows them over.

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Dryer sheets….do we really need them?

Dryer sheets? Do we even need a dryer? I grew up in a household where we never used dryer sheets and hung our clothes on a clothesline. My husband grew up using both.

He’s been a real champ when it comes to a lot of the things I do–like refusing to dry clothes in the dryer or demanding we use grey water to flush the toilet. (He also eats everything I cook!)┬áMany men wouldn’t go along with my green ways. My man was green in other ways when I met him. He preferred to use the Metro in D.C. (which made me horribly nauseous) rather than drive and was the one who introduced me to the world of composting. So, I feel when we married, amateur environmentalism was born.

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