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Making homemade applesauce for baby

Need to use up those fall apples? Can’t finish the bag?
Here’s an idea if you want to substitute sugar in your recipes–homemade apple sauce! If you choose sweeter apples, you’ll have a sweeter sauce.
Or eat it with kielbasa and cabbage.
Or feed it to your baby.
It’s homemade, easy to do, and 100% natural. (Feel free to add sugar, but I don’t add anything to mine and it comes out yummy and sweet.)


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Making baby food

Just wanted to share this with you. Mostly because it is so colorful and pretty. Though Miss Precious has  now moved on to eating real food with tiny fingers, this was a most interesting little ride. My cousin bestowed upon me a baby food book and it mentioned pureeing the food and freezing it into ice trays.

baby food 2

In this one I mixed corn and broccoli.

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