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Quick, homecooked Eggy Bread

I think home cooking is green. In the spirit of  cooking at home, I’m adding random recipes of food I make, other than my crock pot meals I document on my G.I. Crockpot blog, (which I mainly use as a recipe box for myself). I try to add simple, easy and quick meals. If they don’t have those three adjectives, I probably won’t make it.

Me making the eggy bread.

Me making the eggy bread.

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Muffins that taste like cookies

So, I made some multi-grain/whole wheat/chocolate-chip/walnut muffins. Well, that’s a mouth full, now isn’t it? And that’s just what you’ll get if you try them!

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No to plastic bread bags

These drive me crazy. These bread bags are usually NOT recyclable. Which means, if I’m trying to follow a zero waste lifestyle, I had to give them up.

The dreaded plastic. It’s everywhere! I never even thought about it, until I started zero waste!

Granted, we aren’t big bread eaters, but when you want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it just doesn’t cut it on homemade tortillas. We decided to simply make our own bread.

One step closer to zero waste!

A tasty concoction.

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Homemade zuchinni bread

I promise not to make this into a food blog! But when I find a homemade recipe that’s really easy to make that could save you money and keep you from buying packaged goods, I have to pass it on. If it’s food related, I try to post it mid-week for a Wednesday pick-me-up, and there’s nothing like homemade zucchini bread to lift the spirits.  It’s especially good when zucchini is in season. It’s so good though, I could eat it year round.

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