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The Fox and the Hound

Look what I found downtown!


A tiny vintage/antique store that could be an art gallery. To me the lovely pieces looked like refurbished products of reusable art! I just love this type of thing. It’s so creative. Check it out!

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Leftover love from Random Charlotte

Today I have a guest post from Random Charlotte, a lover of the environment stationed in the lovely Carolinas! Her blog focuses on how small acts can make a big difference using a humorous, light-hearted spin. Check out her site to learn about environmentally friendly cleaning products, reducing junk mail and fuel usage, the benefits of researching before purchasing, and other earth lovin’ ideas! Her article about leftovers as featured in July’s edition of Planetsave:

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Composting with worms

This easy video from Patti Moreno, The Garden Girl is the simplest video I’ve found so far. The vermi compost she explains here is perfect for those who live in the city or in an apartment and can’t keep a bin or have a huge pile outside, but want their own compost soil. It’s also great for frequent military moves, if you’re only going to be in a place for a few months to a year. This is how to make it:

How to make your own pesto (Try #1)

So, we were making a recipe and halfway through it, I ransack the refrigerator, and say, “Uh-oh. Houston, we have a problem.

Blurry picture #1.

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What’s for breakfast?

If we’re refusing packaged cereal, and bulk cereal is too expensive, what else can we eat for breakfast?

Made from scratch, obviously. They don’t look too “perfect” now do they?! ha! I always put in too many blueberries and they explode and make a mess. I love it. My husband, not so keen.

Is chewing gum environmentally-friendly?

I did it. I am completely gum-free! It took me almost a year to give up the temptation, and even now when someone offers me a piece, I stand silently for a moment as I weigh the options in my head. To chew or not to chew.

But think about it….does gum ever go away?

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What I deserve

When I get on Skype with Michelle and I’m wearing my winter hat, I tell her I’m having a bad hair day. To which she replies, “You don’t have the heat on again, do you? If you don’t turn it on, I’m going to tell your husband.”

But if he’s out to sea, why would I want to heat the entire house for me–just one person? Especially when I’m holed up in one room under a comforter typing away, anyway.

I do realize how extreme I am in my thinking. But, you know, there is a reason for all that.

The hat that never comes off in winter. Even when I sleep.

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Eating the seedlings!

Mama always told me to plant three of everything. That way, at least something would come up.

Oh yeah!

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Aughh….the pressure!

I found this in one of my old journals written back in May of 2004.
“When you finally realize no matter how hard you try, how good you are, how much you work—the insignificant difference you make won’t save the world; there is both an empty, helpless hopelessness and a great relief.”

I still feel this way most of the time.

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“That was such an epic fail…” –Katy Perry

Traveling for two days, I generated a surprising amount of trash. I’m finding one of the most important aspects to being “green” and living the zero waste lifestyle is…… planning ahead! (Which I did not.)

Trash from the car at the end of the trip.

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