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Unable to follow directions

Do you remember those tests they gave you in elementary school where the teacher told you to read the directions as she passed them out? The first two lines read, “Read all of the directions before beginning the test. Write your name at the top of your paper and put down your pencil.”

There were students who did just that and then sat, swinging their feet and twisting around to spy on all the students who raced to finish and answer number 15.

I made it all the way to # 15.



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Trying out the bread machine!

Last year, we were given a used bread machine and I simply never got around to trying it out. Boy, what was I thinking, right? As Mom Photographer said…Talk about making life easier. I threw all the ingredients in and three hours later…


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Homemade zuchinni bread

I promise not to make this into a food blog! But when I find a homemade recipe that’s really easy to make that could save you money and keep you from buying packaged goods, I have to pass it on. If it’s food related, I try to post it mid-week for a Wednesday pick-me-up, and there’s nothing like homemade zucchini bread to lift the spirits. ┬áIt’s especially good when zucchini┬áis in season. It’s so good though, I could eat it year round.

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