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Wheat and oat blueberry coffee cake

I find myself standing in the bakery department every single time I go to the grocery store, admiring the muffins and the cakes and the doughnuts and the scones. And I tell myself, “NO, NO, NO! WALK AWAY!” Sometimes I pick something up and read the ingredients list of how much fat one muffin contains and I remind myself of all the excess packaging.¬†Besides, seeing the 14 grams of fat for one muffin makes¬†it easier to walk away. I’ll make it myself at home. And I’ll make it better.


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What’s for breakfast?

If we’re refusing packaged cereal, and bulk cereal is too expensive, what else can we eat for breakfast?

Made from scratch, obviously. They don’t look too “perfect” now do they?! ha! I always put in too many blueberries and they explode and make a mess. I love it. My husband, not so keen.