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Unable to follow directions

Do you remember those tests they gave you in elementary school where the teacher told you to read the directions as she passed them out? The first two lines read, “Read all of the directions before beginning the test. Write your name at the top of your paper and put down your pencil.”

There were students who did just that and then sat, swinging their feet and twisting around to spy on all the students who raced to finish and answer number 15.

I made it all the way to # 15.



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Trying out the bread machine!

Last year, we were given a used bread machine and I simply never got around to trying it out. Boy, what was I thinking, right? As Mom Photographer said…Talk about making life easier. I threw all the ingredients in and three hours later…


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Wheat and oat blueberry coffee cake

I find myself standing in the bakery department every single time I go to the grocery store, admiring the muffins and the cakes and the doughnuts and the scones. And I tell myself, “NO, NO, NO! WALK AWAY!” Sometimes I pick something up and read the ingredients list of how much fat one muffin contains and I remind myself of all the excess packaging.¬†Besides, seeing the 14 grams of fat for one muffin makes¬†it easier to walk away. I’ll make it myself at home. And I’ll make it better.


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