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Don’t suffocate your produce in plastic

Use mesh bags instead! Either the kind you normally use for laundry delicates or produce mesh bags specifically tailored for produce. I love mine. Great gifts too for a gentle nudge.
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Blast it! I forgot my bag!

This has happened to us all….now, hasn’t it? The question is: What do you do?

Most folks will give in and take a bag, swearing to themselves they’ll remember next time. And I’ve been known to do that. But I’ve been better known to walk out of the store with cucumbers cradled beneath my armpits, and all the other products stacked up, balancing tomatoes against my chin. I’m determined, damn it. The system is not going to beat me.

I mean, seriously?

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Please remove me from your list

Junk mail, junk mail.
This is what I do when I get those annoying credit card applications!


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Unplugging it

When I lived in D.C., a huge “I will turn it off/ I will unplug it more” campaign splashed the walls of the subway and the glass shelters of each bus stop I passed. I don’t remember who ran the ads, but I remember them five years later. (Now, that’s good advertising.)

I also remember thinking, “I didn’t realize unplugging was such a big deal. Does it really waste that much electricity?”

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Combined errands in the car

Since we’ve been married, I’ve tried to do this one and it’s working out well!

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Submarine showers

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Turning the lights off

I’m always shocked when I’m in the home of an intelligent individual who leaves the lights on in every room. But we weren’t all brought up with, “Did you leave the light on?” constantly heard from the age of birth. And for this, I thank my parents.

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Good trash week.

Just fish packaging, really. But we discovered how to beat that!

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Showering in the dark.

I’m trying to use less electric light, and more sunlight.

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