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Homemade popsicles from juice!

We pulled down the last of the oranges. The grapefruit began to fall off on their own. When I gathered them off the ground, many were too soft to give away. But not too soft to juice…

But juice can grow boring. Which got me to thinking….what about homemade popsicles? And so I did.

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Oranges and grapefruit in the backyard!

Lucky, lucky us, we rented a house with orange, grapefruit, pear, and kumquat trees! I picked as many as I could reach. We pulled out the ladder and my husband harvested the tall ones. So many left….so high up! How are we going to reach them?

Ohh. I could open my own store!

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Gourmet Southern Candies in Savannah

Another place we discovered while in Savannah, GA were the homemade sweets of River Street Sweets. Lord, somebody should have kept me out of there! Continue reading

The farmer’s market down the street

So, we’ve been to scope out the Farmer’s Markets around the area. Let me show you what we found right down the street. Seriously, we can ride our bicycles.

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Norfolk, VA Farmer’s Market

We hadn’t been to the Five Points Community Farmer’s Market in Norfolk for a full year. Realizing that not every town has  a huge farmer’s market like the one I grew up with in south Georgia, I decided to revisit it with a fresh attitude and stop being prejudiced against small, overpriced markets that are doing the best they can. After venting in the organic food post about what Norfolk didn’t have, I decided to write about what they do have.

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