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10 reasons to start a garden this year!

Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard  a garden is a green, environmentally friendly experience. But stop for a minute and think about why…

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Devastation of a hard freeze

I wrote up a post between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so excited to show you a quick peek of how my babies were doing! The garden produced abundantly all throughout the holidays, and I continued to give it away. I had so many holidays posts written though, I thought I’d wait until after the New Year to post this one. But the new year brought his buddy Jack Frost along for the ride…and my heart broke.

I wanted to hug them.

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Homemade mulch

Since we’re renting, we don’t want to spend buckets on lovely, fresh mulch for someone else’s yard every time we move. But my husband loves the nice, neat look of it. So we improvise…

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Harvesting fall veggies

We are producing so fast, we can’t eat all the food. Especially the mustard greens.   I’ve given away 7 bags of greens, plus the 3 we’ve eaten. Now, that’s some garden! Take a peek!

The curly-cue carrots.

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Marigold seed pods

The plot we inherited at the community garden boasted lovely golden and orange marigolds taking up 1/4 of the plot. We left them as they deter bugs, but then they started dropping seed pods.

Seed pod.

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Eating the seedlings!

Mama always told me to plant three of everything. That way, at least something would come up.

Oh yeah!

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First harvest!

Guess where we’ve been this weekend?

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Fall garden 2011

We planted today, returning home exhausted, and covered in dirt….

My new life.

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Gardens around the U.S.

In celebration of the response I received from my gardening post, I asked fellow gardeners to share their knowledge with me.  Wonderful, innovative, amateur and seasoned gardeners around the U.S. sent me pictures of their gardens along with gardening tips they’ve learned along the way.

Roma tomatoes in GA

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Zucchini for zucchini bread!

Our first garden together was last year. As children we watched our parents garden, but neither of us had ever tried a garden ourselves.

When you rent, you must ask permission. Some owners are more open than others. We’ve been lucky. Not wanting to destroy the yard, however, we took up only a small space. We bought two raised bed sets  so that we could break them down and take them with us when we moved. We didn’t harvest much food. The cherry tomatoes did okay. We had cucumbers out our ears. We had one tiny cantaloupe and a few jalapeno peppers. We planted the seedlings in the peat pots, which didn’t break down and caused the plants to grow root bound. And apparently, you need two of most plants to cross-pollinate. Now we know. Continue reading