Greener wipes–Homemade wipes vs store bought

Now that we’re winding away from wipes, I wanted to share with the other green mamas  maybe just starting out what we discovered.

We tried six different brands based on “green-ness” and made our own.

This is what we found:


First place: HOMEMADE WIPES!


Solution: 2 cups hot water, 1 teaspoon baby wash, 1 teaspoon baby oil

We cut up my husband’s old, white t-shirts and made the soap solution so the smell was always to our liking (reusing a plastic box of wipes we’d received from his parents as a baby gift). In the summer the wipes are nice and cool on her. In the winter, I left the wipes (dry) in the container and warmed the soapy water in a measuring cup, just dipping the wipes in the water as I needed them.

Now that she’s older, we use the same wipes for spills, to wipe her face and hands after peanut butter snacks and to wipe coffee circles off the counters. My husband uses them for everything. Sometimes we even use them for napkins at the dinner table. They have saved us so much money!

In other words, those cut up t-shirts are still going strong!


2nd Place: Natural Elements because they were completely compostable, the ONLY compostable wipes out there. Devastated when they went out of business, I searched high and low for a substitute but never found any.


3rd Place: Jackson Reese

4th Place: Naty


Both fairly environmentally friendly with a thicker texture, I liked them both.

5th Place: Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby

6th Place Eco-natural bamboo

The bamboo wipes were not as soft in texture but much better for the environment. The Aleva also dried up quicker if we didn’t use them right away. Granted, I liked them all, but the handmade ones are still in use—saving us money and still being used after 2 and 1/2 years. There’s your answer.


Tell me what you think. I don't get to answer comments like I did before baby but I read every single comment. And they really make my day!

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