Recycled art

Enjoy this recycled art from Islamorada.

Enjoyed by the tourists and my kid… and now you!




5 responses to “Recycled art

  1. Hey!!!! The art is awesome…..daughter is just adorable!!!!!

  2. Of the metal objects, I like Mr. Pelican the best! Otherwise, the non-feathered little chick is a crowd pleaser if ever there was one. Cheers, Jen!

  3. Mary Pat—thank you so much! She really enjoyed it! Good to hear from you, always, always!
    Shannon–I like Mr. Pelican best too! Always happy to see your face!

  4. There’s the princess in her royal garden of animals. There’s even the frog
    she will kiss later in life. She’s growing up so fast! Thanks for the pics of her and the wonderful art collection. I just love them.

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