Natural diaper rash cream already in your kitchen…

I wish I’d never bothered purchasing a bunch of diaper rash cream. I remember it was on sale in Wisconsin at the Amish store so I couldn’t resist. Needless to say, I didn’t need it much. But if I had known a cheap, more natural option was already in my kitchen…

Oh, the things we learn after the fact.


We’re still using cloth diapers at night. She’s a heavy wetter so I use 1 thick diaper and 2 thin ones. She waddles to the bedroom but I figure I’m not making her bow-legged as long as she’s just sleeping in three diapers. During the day, she wears big girl underwear which she calls “girl panties.”

Did I mention this kid loves to eat? She cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning to have breakfast. She also cannot be bothered taking that diaper off, she’d rather eat. So, by feeding her breakfast first while she sat in night pee, she’d developed some raised, red bumps on the hiney.

I read something on the internet yesterday about coconut oil. It can be used for dry, cracked heels, as deodorant, as sunscreen, to cook your food with, and as  diaper rash cream!

So, I rubbed a thin amount directly on the little bumps before I put on the diaper last night. I figured it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t get any air and I’d simply let her hiney air out the next day in the house.

But guess what?

Those tiny red bumps have almost completely disappeared in one night!

I’m a coconut oil convert.


2 responses to “Natural diaper rash cream already in your kitchen…

  1. I swear by coconut oil for so many things, diaper rash included! I use it to make my own deodorant & toothpaste, too. I haven’t tried it on my feet – great idea!

  2. Lindsay, I wish I had known about this sooner!

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