A nod to the Veterans Affairs hospitals

Check out this cup. It’s paper and I threw it in the compost when I finished with it.

Why don’t more places use these?

The Veterans Affairs hospital in Miami offered these to use with free water.

Any great finds out there? Please pass on your knowledge and wisdom for us “greenies” who want to know!



4 responses to “A nod to the Veterans Affairs hospitals

  1. Cool! I’m always curious with paper cups, how they make them water tight, but still recyclable!?

  2. Yep. I am seeing more places trending that direction. It’s nice that people are finally getting it! We regularly pack out our trash and dispose of at home. Too bad individuals don’t get how easy THAT is to do too.

    Nice to see your tracks here, Jen. I’ve been off-line for the summer and just binge-blogging a bit. I hope you and fam are enjoying your time off. Feel free to call or drop a line anytime to catch up. Cheers!

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