Where to recycle foil-lined coffee bags

Drink that holiday coffee and then recycle the bag. I finally found where to recycle those suckers. Someone who wants them!


Check it out


They’ll even pay you for them! The site says: “For 10-50 foil recycled coffee wrappers, untorn 12-16 oz size, we will send you a postage paid envelope in which to return them and pay you $.10 for each wrapper.”


Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I’ve been reading the comments and will answer very soon. Probably after the New Year. I’ve missed you all dearly!



8 responses to “Where to recycle foil-lined coffee bags

  1. I wonder should I try sending them mine, that is, from Europe?

    • Hmm, gaiainaction, you could write and see if they’d send you the free label. Otherwise, I’ll try and find you something closer. I’m sure Rachel from MY ZERO WASTE in England will have the answer. I’ll ask her and find out for you!

      • gaiainaction

        Oh thank you Jennifer, here in rural Ireland recycling is only seriously getting underway, though I have been doing it for a long time. The more I recycle and use recycle goods the better it feels.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve bookmarked the site. For just the one, I might be more inclined to walk in to a Starbucks with my empty bag to exchange for a cup of coffee.

  3. gaiainaction–that is wonderful!
    Shannon, I agree, though I’ve done that and they always throw the bag in the trash afterwards. It makes me sad. Why can’t Starbucks just get on board and reuse their materials already? Oh, boy. I promised I’d be positive….

  4. This website doesnt work anymore. 😦

  5. Ditto – the link goes dead. Any updates?

    • Bummer. They quit doing it. Terracycle has done it on and off for a while. Keep checking back with them, sometimes they add new products to recycle (and sometimes take them off.) I’m having horrible luck with this one. Please, give me a holler if you find someone that takes them before I do.

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