Recycle those holiday cans for cash

Remember recycling cans (and sometimes bottles) equals cash. Turn those holiday parties into a little extra change.

We found this in Wisconsin the week we moved there but don’t think we ever used it but twice because we’d given up soda.


It was great and made it easy to recycle. And fun. Who couldn’t use a little change? Why don’t we have more things like this?

Do you have anything like this in your town? Anything that makes it easy to recycle?


One response to “Recycle those holiday cans for cash

  1. Sadly our state won’t do this, despite attempting, cause Coca just take them to court that it’ll add a cost at the time of sale. INterestingly, two states (or territories, which are legally different) already do it, so it shouldn’t be so hard… Oh how I wish!

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