Green things we did while sort of homeless #4

We collected the compost and froze it in the freezer.


I figured, it’s only three months. It can sit in there. We mostly used plastic ice cream containers. By the end of the three-month period, room for ice cream didn’t exist.


Once we got to the house and set up the make-shift compost, it ate this stuff up. Though our first collection which we didn’t freeze, did not make it and produced many happy fruit flies.

Lesson learned.

Freeze it.



2 responses to “Green things we did while sort of homeless #4

  1. well done..what a clever idea

  2. Freezing before putting into the compost pile does he added bonus of beginning the breakdown process. Fruit flies will always come, invited or no. You can put a dish of apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap in it. When attracted to the shallow dish, they will sink upon lighting. He soap reduces the surface tension. Great fly trap!

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