Green things we did while sort of homeless #3

3. Without the proper dishes to make food, we used what we had. My favorite thing to do.


Here I made meatloaf in some sort of dish my husband brought home empty from the deli at lunch.


We reused all plastic containers as there was nothing else to store food in and then recycled them. And of course, as the baby modeled for you in the first picture, we sometimes wore them as hats.

Since I had no press-n’ seal and all my zip loc bags and containers were packed, rather than go buy more, I used what we had.


The potatoe chip bag I then washed out and sent off to Terracycle. The plastic grocery bag we used various times like this and then it became a trash bag or picked up the dog poo.

And it worked.

In a less than perfect scenario, one step closer to zero waste if not there all together.



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