#1 Moving boxes

1. Daily my mother traveled up the street to the Dollar Store or I trudged to the elementary school behind her home to pull out empty boxes from their trash and recycling bins.


I picked up as many as I could off Craig’s list, including paper. But the job offer gave us 3 days to make a decision and only weeks to move if we were to put the house on the market before the snow set in.

I had to break down and spend over $1,000 on brand new boxes from the moving company.

Not my best moment.

Since we have landed, I am selling the good ones and recycling the rest.

So far, I’ve made $10 and 66 recycling points. Ugh.

All right Jamie—here’s a shot of the house! 🙂


4 responses to “#1 Moving boxes

  1. At least somebody who needs the boxes will be getting them, you can take heart in that

  2. I am salivating! All I see is WORM FOOD. I put most all our recycled cardboard to the yard, and I steal more from the grocery during peak gardening season. Cardboard is gold to this Dirt Girl.

  3. As soon as I saw the pic, my heart skipped a beat!

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