Life in transition and greening a military move

Since June, we’ve been involved with two different moves. Downsizing my mom’s and moving from Wisconsin to the south, yet again. It has been non-stop packing, unpacking and dealing with a nightmare moving company, purchasing a home, fighting to get insurance, home repairs, and trying to sell our house in Wisconsin, one thing after another. But landing in a home and shuffling through boxes does a holiday make.

Oh what a mess!

Oh what a mess!

While in transition, there were four green things we did. There weren’t many but I photographed the things we did accomplish. ….and the things I could have done better. I told myself every night before I went to bed, “I’ll write about it tomorrow.”

Yeah, right.

Every day this week, I’ll share one thing to get myself back into the blogging spirit. I miss writing immensely, but alas, time does not allow.

“Make time,” Peggy says. “Write on a scrap of paper against the laundry machine while washing clothes.” Oh, Peggy, my inspiration.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and how I attempted to green our military move!







7 responses to “Life in transition and greening a military move

  1. I love it, I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Miss you here! You are my green-spiration!! Cheers, and welcome back. ~ Shannon

  3. Loved the post! Can’t wait for the next posts!

    I have a bunch of news to tell you! I will facetime you this week and tell you everything!
    Missing you!

  4. Long , lost, forgotten,,,never… just missed a great deal especially when emails did not get an answer, so I am very pleased to see that you are still trying to get the world greener and fighting another green battle. How are you all…? xxxx
    Glad to see that you have come home! xxx

  5. Wonderful to see your words again….

  6. Oh, you all are such an inspiration. I have missed your encouraging words so much! Thank you a million times!

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