What’s been goin’ on

I’ve been at mama’s helping her pack for about a month. I’ve tried and tried to pinpoint something different or green that we’ve been doing here. But mostly we’ve just been packing (in boxes we already had, mama got from work, or I’ve pulled out of recycling bins, yay.) And cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Trying to use up the cleaning products that are at the end.

Mostly it’s been all about the dog… IMG_4625  


4 responses to “What’s been goin’ on

  1. misswhiplash

    Big no, no, children should not be allowed to sit on dogs. Chairs are for sitting, dogs are for petting, walkg, throwing ball and loving…..please discoursge baby from doing this…your Mom might not mind but dog does, even though he cannot say so.
    love to you all

  2. Fabrício de Andrade

    my little friend is so big! Why do they grow so fast? 10 months I could hold her in my arms and she was a small girl!
    I can see she loves this dog so much!!
    Missing you all!!

  3. dog heaven or kid haven, these pics demonstrate the kinship of man and companions, love to the ladies and to those who love them so much..

  4. Aww beautiful!

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