Growing herbs

Last year in the middle of the move, there was no garden. But the year before, we grew our own herbs! We’ll do it again, but I have so many dried herbs I still need to use.

It is just as easy as growing a tomato! YOU CAN DO IT! Even if you live in an apartment. All you need is a sunny window.

Take a look:

The bugs ate through the basil but we chopped it and made our oun pesto out of it, anyway.

The bugs ate through the basil but we chopped it and made our own pesto out of it, anyway.


Our very own pesto. It was so much fun. I passed the pesto in the store and shook my finger at it. “Oh, no, not you!” We ate it on pasta. And it was so pretty! Just look at that color!


We dried out the cilantro, crumbled the leaves and I’m still using them when I cook!



When the cilantro finished its round, tiny balls were left on the plant. We looked it up and found out they were coriander! Two herbs in one plant! Score.

What herbs have you grown, or would you like to grow? What herbs are you growing this year? Which ones are your favorite?



6 responses to “Growing herbs

  1. misswhiplash

    Well done Jennifer.I am useless at growing things..we tried and failed

  2. favorites? parsley, flat leaf Italian, cut over pasta, salads or soups at serving time.. rosemary in cloth baggies for bath and stews..thyme for stews..
    some of my dried herbs are years old and i am on a use-it-up you are–will not buy or grow any new one.
    except–for a single fresh ginger root in the veges aisle, which i cut in 1-2 inch peaces and plant in a well drained pot in window; each makes a larger root by fall. it is also a sparse viney green plant to enjoy. it is pungent and flowery grated over Asian stews and deserts for stamina.

  3. I like to grow lots of basil for pesto and rosemary to use with chicken. My other favs are parsley, coriander and dill.

  4. I think you (americans) call cilanto what we call coriander! So there you go! Nice work, I hope this second batch of herbs does better than our first, which were infested by some bugs 😦

  5. Thanks for the pic, this year I have patio tomatoes and they are actually growing! How’s the baby girl?

  6. Thanks for the insight and encouragement ladies!
    @MissWhiplash–I wish I could give you my green thumb!
    @Nadine–every paragraph you write is like food poetry. I love it.
    @Heidi–your recipes and insight encourage me to make/grow my own in the first place!
    @Sarahn—I hope for good news on the new batch of herbs!
    @Claudia–Great job on the tomatoes! Baby girl is precious. I’ll try to do better with putting up pictures of the little thing. 🙂

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